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Hey all! We've had a few questions lately about the way things are run here at Clearwater...er, so much as they're run, that is.

ICly, as you guys know, it's pretty much anything goes--I'm not gonna linger on that, but there's more info here for anyone who'd like a refresher!

OOCly, though, now there's where things get a little sticky. As you guys know, Clearwater Cove is currently on moderated membership--that is, we have to approve any journals that join before they're actually members with posting access. This is mostly so we don't have anyone joining that we don't know--after all, the game is primarily meant to be private.

Because it's private, we'd like to ask that you refrain from spreading word of it around. It's not a SUPER TOP SECRET, so there's no need to freak out and like, LOCK YOUR LIFE to keep it on the down low, but it is on the down low. Be discrete, please? Try not to talk about it out in the open, or make a big deal about threads around non-Clearwater players, if only to keep word of our little sandbox from getting spread around too far.

On that note, a lot of the players here are from DDD, and we have a lot of DDD-canon-compatible characters running around. That's awesome! DDD is awesome! J-just bear in mind that, like most dressing rooms--and Vegas--what happens here stays here! Because it's not an open game, and not officially affiliated with DDD, Clearwater canon is not compatible with DDD.

A few people have asked about locking posts, and the possibility of locking the entire community has been brought up. We don't really think that's necessary--like I said, it's not like it's a HUGE LIFE-OR-DEATH SECRET--but if you would feel more comfortable playing certain characters or threading about certain topics, please feel free to lock!

The main point of Clearwater is to be a comfortable, relaxed playing environment, and we're doing our best to keep it that way! I think that's pretty much it, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, and we'll get an answer to you ASAP!

Nov. 22nd, 2008

[Scrubbing off table tops in the mess hall--this sucks, but someone's got to do it, and he doesn't have enough clout yet to bully someone else into it.]

OOC: Character Profile

NAME: Blackout; born Devon DuBois.

BIOGRAPHY: Devon was born second of a pair of identical twins to a family of lesser nobles in London. He had an older brother, the family favorite until he was recruited into a career with the Judges, and a younger sister who came after himself and his twin, Guy.

Devon spent his formative years in the shadow of his brothers, first Liam and then Guy. His parents had no qualms about informing him how he was less intelligent, less special, less deserving of their attention than his brothers, even as they manipulated him into becoming perfect husband material, a lucrative bargaining chip they could use in their quest to better their connections among the other noble families of London. He was smart enough to realize what they were doing, and to resent them for it, but his own intrinsic biddability made it difficult for him to make them stop.

Enter the charismatic Megatron, a noble who styled himself a den master, though he'd never been officially listed as one. Devon was enraptured by the man, fascinated by him, and was quick to follow him to his den, giving over his freedom without reservation and entering his service. Megatron broke him completely, turning the compliant noble boy into a distant slave, obedient to a fault and caring for nothing save his Lord's wishes.

AGE: 27

HEIGHT: 6'2"

WEIGHT: ....Uh. The average weight for a guy who's 6'2" and in good shape?

BODY TYPE: Tall, well-built without being obscenely buff. Broad shouldered.

FACE TYPE: Oval-shaped, with a strong jaw and a blunt chin. Typically has a five-o-clock shadow, sometimes progressed into a neat beard along his jaw, depending on how much time he's had to devote to grooming.

COMPLEXION: Pale skin, but more from not going outside than from being naturally fair. If he had the opportunity, he would tan well--as it is, he tends to burn. His back is covered in extensive scar tissue from beatings.

EYES: Blue.

HAIR: Black, slightly curly. He wears it just under-shoulder length, with a fringe that frequently falls into his eyes.

CLOTHING STYLE: Fairly plain. He wears what he's assigned to wear, which is usually tight clothes in dark colors, as per Megatron's preference. When he has some choice over it, he prefers loose pants and bare feet. No matter what else he's dressed in, he always wears his collar and matching cuffs around his wrists and ankles.

SPEAKING STYLE: Incredibly formal. He has a larger vocabulary than most slaves, due to his noble childhood, and no qualms about exercising it.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: Usually reserved, forbidding. As in his speech, he's formal in his manners, unless given directly contradictory orders. He refuses to let himself fall in with his fellow slaves and doesn't believe it's possible to be true friends with masters, freemen, or nobles, so he keeps to himself. The only exception is with his son, Scorponok, who manages to coax out a gentleness none of the others are allowed to see.

CAREER: Slave to Lord Megatron. He's primarily a pleasure slave, which means he's a fantastic lay, but serves often as Megatron's personal attendant/bodyguard, so he's had adequate training to perform the services of a body slave, as well. Additionally, he sometimes serves as his Lord's hand in delivering punishments to his fellow slaves.

PREJUDICES: He's dismissive of any slave not in Lord Megatron's service, considering them contemptible and weak. He thinks all masters and above are superior to him, regardless of actual merit, but tends to regard them with contempt anyway--it's just a very civil sort of contempt. He's dismissive of weres and the dragons of his world, but that's largely because Megatron tells him to be, instead of any personal bigotry.

BEST QUALITIES: He's loyal, he's intelligent, he's dedicated. If he thinks someone is worth obeying, he will do everything in his power to please them and fulfill their commands, even at the expense of his own well-being. He's capable of problem-solving and trouble shooting competently on his own, at least within the framework of his commands.

WORST QUALITIES: Blind obedience. He's stubborn as hell, and when he makes up his mind about something or someone, it's very difficult to make him change it. His willingness to sacrifice himself for his Lord goes beyond dedicated and into self-destructive.

WEAKNESSES: His refusal to really analyze his situation, his refusal to see himself in any sort of positive way. His unquestioning faith in the truth of Megatron's words, even in the face of logic or law.

HOBBIES: He likes to read, though he has trouble getting the books. And he's something of a tech head--he likes to tinker around with electronics, when he can.

TALENTS: Between training and natural talent, he's an amazing fuck. He's also got a head for electronics, and he's fantastically accurate with a whip.



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