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Blackout // Devon
12 October
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Human!AU version of the character Blackout from the 2007 live action Transformers movie.

Born as Devon DuBois to a noble family that's fallen from importance, twinned to a brother named Guy, Blackout was his parents' bitch until he ran away from home and sold himself to a charismatic slave master named Megatron at age 16. It took him some time to be properly and wholly broken, but he was quick to rise to prominence as one of his most valued and trusted pleasure slaves once he was.

Blackout is incapable of having fun, takes everything seriously, and distrusts everyone except his son Scorponok (fathered on a fellow slave, Blackarachnia, when he was nineteen years old). He obeys the commands of Lord Megatron implicitly, will do what any client or other Master asks if he's capable of it, and pretty much disdains anyone else.

Blackout is played by nellasaur for fun and not profit! His PB is Richard Armitage playing Guy of Gisborne. Pls to imagine him collared in his icons~